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    A-ROSA River Cruises on the Danube, Rhine/Main/Moselle and Rhône/Saône.

A-ROSA Cruises - Escape From The Ordinary

David Morris International proudly represents A-ROSA Cruises

A-ROSA Cruises, a European-based river cruise company, was founded in 2000 and introduced by David Morris Intl (DMI ) to the North American market in 2013. They operate eleven river vessels throughout Europe, with five designated for International travelers. Guests come from far and wide, offering an international flare to the cruise experience that open up opportunities to learn about different cultures far beyond the ports you will visit. Distinguishing their brand from the status quo, A-ROSA continues to offer their guests a true “escape from the ordinary”.

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Download the A-ROSA Price List 2016

Download Price List 2016

2016 all-inclusive river cruise collection


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